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Check out this great video on YouTube from "The Garden Lady". Thank you for your honest feedback and have a blast with your worms!

About Us


Experienced and Reliable

We're a family owned and operated worm farm in beautiful Colorado. We've left the corporate rat race in an effort to build an eco-friendly, negative waste worm farm. We are absolutely dedicated to helping you in any way that we can. 

We've partnered with local businesses to acquire their waste streams (paper, coffee grounds, etc) and use their "trash" to create amazing worms and worm castings! 


We Truly Care

We are committed to doing our part for the world we all share. Our all Organic Fertilizers (Worm Castings, Vermicompost and Worm Tea) are nature's best natural fertilizers. Know what's going into your soil and into your body! Organic Gardening with Live Worms is truly Nature at it's Best!


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are a family owned and operated business that will do everything we can to help assure your satisfaction. We stand behind 100% of our products and services and will respond to any questions or comments you may have. Unlike other e-commerce stores, we proudly grow our own live worms and produce our own vermicompost and worm tea - We truly believe in organic gardening.  


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